Hammer Drive Anchor

Easy to use, light duty expansion anchor. It features a softer zinc alloy body and a pin made from either steel or stainless steel. It is not removable, making it great for tamperproof applications.

Base Materials: Concrete, Masonry. Solid or Hollow.

Other Names: Nailin®, Zamac®

hammer drive

Installation: Drill recommended sized hole in base material. Set the anchor into the hole. Drive the nail down with a hammer to set into place.

Drill Bit and Allowable Load Data

Anchor Dia Drill Bit Embed Length Tension (lbs.) Shear (lbs.)
3/16 3/16 3/4 100 140
1/41/4 5/8 145 160
1/41/4 3/4 190 210
1/41/4 1 220 220
1/41/4 1 1/4 245 240

Allowable Load (Safety Factor of 4). Based off 4000 psi Normal Weight Concrete

Powers Spec Sheet